Student Competitions

H.S. Piano and Vocal Competition Winners Performed February 1st

Bellingham Piano and Voice Award Winners February 2017


(Left to right) Anya Grimm , Ry Dozier-Lerum, Amelia Lustick, Trevor Elliott Johnson, Tristan Wine, Aaron McInnis, William Zhang, Olanna Skrinnik.

Each year, the BMC encourages young musicians who demonstrate talent, perseverance, and fine musicianship with four competitions for high school students. The first set of winners performed Wednesday, February 1, at 10:30 am, at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Our Anniversary Coffee Hour was at 9:30 in the atrium, as we marked BMC’s 101st birthday!

High School Piano Competition in honor of Nancy Bussard

First Place ($400): Trevor Elliott Johnson
Second Place ($300): William Zhang
Third Place ($200): Olanna Skrinnik
Robert Millard Prize ($100): Ry Dozier-Lerum

High School Vocal Competition in honor of Jack and Ginny Frymire

First Place ($400): Aaron McInnis
Second Place ($300): Tristan Wine                                                                                                     Third Place ($200): Anya Grimm                                                                                                                   Bob and Wilma Bryant Prize ($100) Amelia Lustick
More auditions will follow in February, with winners playing in March. Please visit our Student Competition page for details.