BMC · Student Awards

Congratulations, Charli!

On June 29, long-time board member and Student Awards Committee Chair, Charli Daniels, was recognized with a 2022 Mayor’s Arts Award for her work with BMC. In presenting the award, Mayor Seth Fleetwood cited Charli’s strong influence on Bellingham’s music community, and her contributions to the boards of the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra, the Bellingham Festival of Music and the Bellingham Music Club. His closing words were particularly insightful, saying, “She has been called ‘the single most effective advocate for arts in Bellingham.’ Her innate ability to identify the needs and gaps of these organizations has ensured access to classical music is available to a broader audience.”
Charli accepted the award with generous words for her music community, and particularly for the young musicians that are always her priority. She expressed her deep conviction that the future of music and of our cultural health, lies in supporting and assisting the coming generations of young musicians and their teachers. Her tireless work with BMC’s Student Awards Committee demonstrates her resolve.
Congratulations for this well-earned recognition, Charli!