BMC · Student Competitions

News Flash!!! We interrupt this program…

“We interrupt our regular programming to bring you excellent news: The Bellingham Music Club is forging ahead with its competitions for high school and university-level students!

As it has done for decades, BMC is inviting young musicians to apply for its coveted awards and prizes. Awards Committee Chair, Charli Daniels, along with coordinators Evelyn Ames, Joan Rae, Lizanne Shader and Mark Schlichting, have adapted guidelines for our popular contests, and announce that virtual, adjudicated auditions will take place during the month of March.

For high school students, BMC runs competitions in four categories: strings, piano, winds/percussion, and voice. All participants will receive personalized feedback and heartfelt encouragements. Information and deadlines are posted on Have a look and pass the word along to teachers and students you know!

With help from the Department of Music, BMC also sponsors the WWU Music Competition in honor of Virginia Glover, with virtual auditions taking place in March as well. Year after year, it’s a thrill to come across young, accomplished musicians who have put music at the center of their lives!

BMC has the opportunity to foster promising talent thanks to your generous support and encouraging words. Thank you!!! We couldn’t do it without you!

Bellingham Piano and Voice Award Winners February 2017