BMC · Student Awards

Young wind players take the honors in the BMC Winds & Percussion Competition

Welcome to the fourth installment of highlights from the BMC 2021 award competitions.  Today, we are proud to introduce the winners of the BMC High School Winds & Percussion Competition honoring Nicholas Bussard. Thanks to your interest and support, BMC continues to reward our community’s young musicians who strive for musical excellence!

As mother of two BMC award-winning daughters, coordinator Lizanne Shader knows the impact BMC’s work has on talented youth. She brought passion, generosity and enthusiasm to this year’s endeavor, as well as exceptional skills needed to hold a virtual competition! Lizanne was delighted to welcome Yaniv Attar as adjudicator. Praising the young competitors, Maestro Attar wrote, “It is really heartwarming to see and hear you all play music so beautifully. You should all be proud of the work you have done! I congratulate you all – keep it up!”

With those accolades, we proudly introduce the winners of the BMC 2021 High School Winds & Percussion Competition:
1st place: Orly Lindner, oboe
2nd place: Erin Lin, oboe
3rd place: Byanca Holguin, flute
Martin Kuuskmann Prize: Gabe Hander, bassoon
See and hear these promising musicians in their award-winning video clips below (click on photos). In June, we bring you our final showcase featuring the winners of the BMC Western Washington University Competition in honor of Virginia Glover. Thank you again for fostering young talent and sustaining BMC this year!
For the BMC competition, Orly Lindner plays Showpiece and Romance from Three Piece Suite for oboe and piano by Madeleine Dring, accompanied by Susan Snyder at the piano.
With Shu-Hsin Ko at the piano, Erin Lin plays Morceau de Salon, for oboe and piano, Op.228 by Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda.
Byanca Holguin plays the Allemande from J.S. Bach’s Partita in A minor for solo flute, BWV 1013.
Gabe Hander plays the first movement (Allegro) of Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto in B-flat Major, K.191, followed by the first movement (Leicht bewegt) of Paul Hindemith’s Bassoon Sonata.