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BMC receives Mayor’s Arts Award

The Bellingham Music Club‘s role in supporting music in the community and enhancing cultural life in the Northwest will be recognized at the annual Mayor’s Arts Awards ceremony this month.

A Trophy

Founded 100 years ago, the BMC presents local favorites and accomplished musicians in two concert series. Additionally, the BMC values high school and university-level students in their music making with five separate competitions, and often motivates them to pursue a career in music.

“This celebration is to honor the work you do to encourage, promote and reward the next generations of musicians,” Mayor Kelli Linville wrote in a March 4 letter to BMC. Please click here to read the official announcement.

UPDATE: Many BMC members attended the award ceremony on April 27, including (from left) Helene Minari, Kristin Van Schelt and Kay Carr showing off the BMC Mayor’s Arts Award outside Mount Baker Theater following the presentation.

Photo credit: Richard Howland
Photo credit: Richard Howland