BMC · Student Awards

On April 6: Catch the rising stars from WWU!

BMC’s collaboration with WWU’s esteemed Department of Music has been forged over decades of shared commitment to our future musicians. One fruitful outcome, our annual WWU Student Competition in honor of Virginia Glover, has become one of the most anticipated musical events each season.

Join us for our showcase concert on Wednesday, April 6, at 10:30am at Trinity Lutheran Church, 119 Texas Street in Bellingham. We’ll present performances by first place winner pianist Serena Barrett (pictured at right with adjudicator Omar Ordoñez), second place winners (tie) Alex Marbach, trumpet, and J. Andrew Garratt, baritone, and recipients of the Randy Sasnett Prize: pianist Emily Perry and violinist Zander Buhler.

This matinee program is free and open to all – and at this time, we still require you to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask. These measures go a long way in making us all feel safe! We promise you inspirational young musicians and beautiful music; a concert that will make you proud of your university, our community, and your organization’s mission to bring them closer together.